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Ambulance-shooting defendant convicted

FORT WAYNE -- An Allen County jury convicted Dontay Martin for his role in the shooting of a Three Rivers Ambulance Authority ambulance.

Martin, of the 4100 block of Hessen Cassel, was convicted of four counts of attempted murder, two counts of criminal recklessness and one count each of carrying a handgun without a license, criminal gang activity and battery with a deadly weapon causing injury.

He and Traneilous L. Jackson, 24, were arrested in September, accused of strafing an ambulance and a trailing car with bullets from two semi-automatic handguns.

Along with Alfonso Chappell, who was not charged, and another man, the pair followed an ambulance carrying Jermaine Loyall and a car carrying his sisters and a friend.

When their car caught up to the other two vehicles, prosecutors allege Martin and Jackson opened fire, strafing both vehicles with bullets from two semi-automatic handguns.

The shooting injured a Three Rivers Ambulance Authority advanced emergency medical technician inside the ambulance. The three women in the car behind the ambulance also were injured, one of whom was shot at least six times.

Late last month, Jackson pleaded guilty to multiple counts of attempted murder, as well as battery and criminal recklessness. Under the terms of a plea agreement with prosecutors, his sentence will be capped at 60 years when he is sentenced. On Tuesday, Jackson testified against Martin.

Testimony Wednesday included forensic evidence, such as the shell casings found at the scene and DNA evidence linking Martin to one of the handguns used in the shootings.

Martin's defense attorney, Jeff Raff, presented no evidence during the trial, relying on his opening and closing statements and cross-examination of the witnesses. He argued Martin may have been reckless in firing the weapon, but in no way intended to kill the individuals inside the two vehicles.

But Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Jason Custer told the jury Martin's intent to murder was clear by his actions.

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