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Some holidays might be marked by a day off from work and others with aisles full of cards, candy and gifts in drug stores but there’s one that’s about getting a piece of the action.

And by piece we mean pie.

Today is National Pie Day, so dubbed by the American Pie Council, and celebrating is as easy … as, well, you know. Pick up a slice from an area bakery or head to the kitchen to make your favorite recipe. Apple, perhaps? It’s at the top of the list for 36 million Americans.

“You could even pass off a store-bought pie as your own creation,” said Linda Hoskins, executive director, American Pie Council. “Seven percent of Americans confess that they’ve done it.”

Journal Gazette Dining Out columnist Ryan DuVall picks these slices as the best of the area.

Avocado-lime (Chef Minon’s Snug Café ; 126 W. Market St., Bluffton) – The avocado adds richness and body that normal key lime pie lacks, as well as the wonderful creaminess that is the best part of a fresh, succulent avocado. Chef Hector Minon developed this award-winning recipe while living in California.

Coco-mocha (Dash-In; 814 S. Calhoun St.) – This espresso ice cream pie is available only from May to September. It has a chocolate-coconut crust and is topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and toasted almonds. It is ultra chocolaty and super rich.

Coconut cream (Bob’s Restaurant ; 22031 Main St., Woodburn ) – The thick, rich white pudding base on this pie is chock full of tender threads of coconut, has a perfect from-scratch crust and is topped with whipped cream and a handful of toasted coconut.

Sweet potato-pecan (Bourbon Street Hideaway; 135 W. Columbia St.) – Garnished with caramel sauce and served a la mode, this nearly perfect sweet potato pie with a crunchy, sugary pecan pie topping was a wonderful melding of two of my favorite pies.

Vinegar (Lunch Box Café; 8814 Coldwater Road) – This pie does, indeed, have vinegar in it, but not enough to taste. Basically, it is a pecan pie with coconut. It is crunchy, chewy, a little gooey and sweet. Perfect with a piping-hot, fresh cup of coffee.

Pie personalities

Your favorite slice says more about you than taste. It says something about your personality.
Apple pie fans are more likely to be independent, realistic and compassionate
Pecan pie lovers are thoughtful and analytical
Chocolate pie eaters are loving
Pumpkin pie junkies are funny and independent

By the numbers

36 million
Number of Americans who identify apple pie as their favorite
47 percent
Americans for whom the word
“comforting” comes to mind
when they think of pie
6 million
Number of American men ages 35 to 54 who have eaten the last slice
of pie and denied it
27 percent
Americans who believe chocolate pie
is the most romantic to share
with someone special
1 in 5
Proportion of Americans who have eaten an entire pie by themselves
113 million
Number of Americans who have
eaten pie for breakfast
75 million
Number of Americans who prefer to drink milk with their pie
32 percent
Americans who prefer no crust
on top of their pie
90 percent
Americans who agree that a slice
of pie represents one of
the simple pleasures in life
9 percent
Americans who prefer to eat
their pie crust-first
7 percent
Americans who have passed off a
store-bought pie as homemade
18 percent
Men who say their wife makes
the best homemade pie
2 percent
Women who say their husband makes the best homemade pie

More great pie places

•Butler Eat’n Haus, 223 S. Broadway St., Butler
•Chrome Plated Diner, 3434 N. Anthony Blvd.
•Nine Mile, 13398 U.S. 27 (serves variety of Waynedale Bakery pies)
•Old Towne Diner, 14515 Leo Road, Leo-Cedarville
•Klemm’s Candlelight Café, 1207 E. State Blvd.
Source: American Pie Council Source: American Pie Council Source: Ryan DuVall, The Journal Gazette

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