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Indoor exercises

The temperatures have dipped, and the sidewalks and streets have been covered with ice.

Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or made a resolution to get fit in 2013, the weather can make it difficult to stay moving outdoors.

But indoors?

There’s plenty of options whether you’re a gym member, have joint troubles or can’t even get out the door.

Real Ryder indoor cycling class

What it is: An indoor cycling class, Real Ryder participants use an unstationary bike. Erin Long, owner of Longevity Fitness, says the bikes allow participants to “move through all three planes of motion” and increase calorie burn by up to 20 percent compared with a traditional cycling class.

Where: Longevity Fitness, 7127-7129 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Cost: $15, drop-in; class packs and unlimited memberships available. The first class is free; just call and reserve a spot.

Why you should try it: The instability of the bike not only engages the entire body – core, arms and legs – but it doesn’t create pressure in the back or knees. Long says physical therapists are using the gym’s bikes to help with client rehabilitation.

Tips: Regular participants will benefit from investing in cycling shoes and shorts, which will help prevent tenderness in the tush.


What it is: “It’s an advanced class for some of our members who have been coming for a while or new members who want a little bit extra,” says Adrienne Elkins, wellness coordinator at Jorgensen Family YMCA. “It’s challenging like a P90X-meets-CrossFit-style class.”

It includes squats, jumps and plyometrics and might feature circuits or tabata-style workouts.

Where: Jorgensen Family YMCA, 10313 Aboite Center Road

Cost: Free for YMCA members

Why you should try it: “No matter what your fitness level, this class will challenge you,” instructor Emily Loveless says. “You get out what you put in.”

30-minute circuit

What it is: A workout designed by Tony Martino, fitness coach at Max Fitness, 1415 W. Dupont Road. Repeat each round four times.

Round 1: 20 jumping jacks, 20 push-ups

Round 2: 10 front kicks, 10 lunges

Round 3: 10 tripod kicks, 10 kickbacks

Round 4: Plank (45 seconds), side plank (20 seconds each side)

Round 5: Squat with side kick (five each side) and side shuffle with jump (60 seconds); repeat four times.

Where: Any 10-by-10-foot space

Cost: Free

Tips: This workout should not be done every day but rotated with other workouts.

“I stress it’s good … for progress’ sake to be a gym member,” Martino says. “You want to be in a place where you can do bigger, better things.”

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