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City code officer loses license after 2 arrests

– A Fort Wayne Neighborhood Code Enforcement officer was stripped of his policing powers Tuesday because of two cases in which he pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement.

The Board of Public Safety voted unanimously to revoke Brian P. Hoy’s police commission. Some city employees are granted policing powers so they can do their daily jobs.

Neighborhood Code Enforcement officers are required to hold special police commissions, City Attorney Troy Kiefer said.

Hoy’s job involved inspecting property and interacting with the public, Keifer said.

During two cases this year – one on Aug. 5 and the second on Sept. 15 – Hoy “placed himself in a confrontational situation with law enforcement officers that endangered his and the officers’ lives,” according to a document signed by the Board of Public Safety.

Court documents show that Hoy was arrested in August on charges of intimidation, resisting law enforcement, battery and battery by bodily waste.

Prosecutors later charged Hoy with felony intimidation and a misdemeanor count of resisting law enforcement, according to court documents.

Hoy pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He received credit for 23 days served, court documents said.

In September, Hoy was arrested on two misdemeanor charges of resisting law enforcement, according to court documents. He pleaded guilty to one resisting law enforcement charge and was sentenced to one year in jail, with one year suspended, documents said.

Although it is possible that Hoy can be transferred to another position, Kiefer said that if another position is not available, Hoy could lose his job.

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