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Update: Chaulk to miss a few weeks

Komets general manager David Franke wants to make it clear that the injury Komets captain Colin Chaulk currently has doesn’t appear to be the same thing that cost him 35 games – and almost his career – in 2008-09.

But Chaulk is expected to be sidelined for a few weeks by an abscess on his right foot, Franke said.

“There is no evidence of MRSA (staph infection) at this time,” Franke said Tuesday. “They are doing a culture. But at this time they do not think it is MRSA related.”

Chaulk confirmed he had surgery on his foot Tuesday and said he feels surprisingly good. Chaulk said he's on antibiotics and that he's hopeful it's not MRSA.

But given his history, it is being treated like it’s MRSA. The culture on his foot hasn’t returned yet, and MRSA isn’t being ruled out.

Chaulk has missed six straight games with a shoulder injury and will now deal with a foot injury.

“He’s got an abscess on his foot,” Franke said. “It’s not the (left) foot he had a problem with last time. It was cleaned out today. He’s on antibiotics.”

Chaulk, who has two goals and 17 points in 19 games, will not be on the bench as an assistant coach for the rest of the week because doctors want him to keep his foot elevated.

Chaulk is a five-time team MVP, who has led Fort Wayne to five championships since 2003.

Chaulk, who doesn’t wear socks while playing like many hockey players do, said he doesn’t plan on wearing socks when he is able to return. He said everything but his toes are covered with something and that he religiously washes everything.

The Komets did have some good news Tuesday. Eric Giosa, who has missed 21 straight games with an ankle injury, is expected to play Wednesday against the Cincinnati Cyclones.

But Matt Kennedy, who had missed 15 games with a leg injury before returning for Sunday’s 2-1 overtime victory over Kalamazoo, is out with a groin injury, Franke said.

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