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DeKalb blasts Norwell zone with threes

– With a thimbleful of seconds to go, Randy Hawkins finally waved off his Norwell Knights, and, out there on the floor, just about where the “C” in the red “NHC” was painted, DeKalb guard Adison Daub struck up the rhythm section in earnest.

He hammered the ball on the floor, joyfully. Hammered it again. Hammered it one more time, and then picked it up, tucked it under his arm and howled away the last few seconds.

It was the thing to do this Friday night, as the Barons handed the Knights (5-1) their first loss of the season, 74-63.

Credit a game plan that went exactly according to, well, plan, and careful adherence to the DeKalb hoops lineage.

“You’ve got to give credit to our guys, we were prepared,” a jubilant DeKalb coach Jon Everingham said.

“There were like three steps to the game – one, their sagging man-to-man, two, their 1-3-1 (zone), and when we got through those two, we knew the pressure was coming.

“We just kind of nailed all three of them.”

And it started, really, when Norwell went to the 1-3-1.

It was the second quarter and still a one-point game then, after five early ties. But then Dahlton Daub knocked down a pair of threes against the Norwell zone, and then Austin Macy did, and then Adison Daub did, and suddenly a 23-22 lead was 31-22 on the way to 36-26 at halftime, as the Barons (4-2) finished the half with a 13-4 run.

In all, DeKalb dropped five threes on Norwell in the quarter. And when Spencer Snyder and Adison Daub opened the second half with two more, it was a 42-26 game and Norwell was in catch-up mode the rest of the night.

“When they went to the 1-3-1 we just busted it, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do,” Everingham said.

Just DeKalb doing what DeKalb does, to hear Daub tell it.

“That’s what DeKalb basketball is all about,” he said of all those threes. “We’re white kids from the farm that can just stroke it.

“We finally got some players that can dunk, but we’ve always been a three-point shooting team.”

They were also a free-throw shooting team, down the stretch. As Norwell ratcheted up the pressure on the ballhandlers in the fourth quarter, the Barons went to the stripe and sealed the deal, going 13 of 16 in the final quarter to never allow Norwell within hailing distance.

All according to plan.

“We played Leo and Goshen and we were up about 12 in those games and ended up winning by three to five points,” said Adison Daub, who was 6 of 6 from the line and scored 10 of his team-high 23 points in the fourth quarter. “So last week we’ve been working on if we get a lead in the last two minutes we’ve got to close it out and finish strong, and tonight we finished strong.”

In addition to Adison Daub’s 23, Cole Hartman scored 20 points and Macy added 16 for the Barons. Josh Vanmeter led all scorers with 25 for Norwell.

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