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American Airlines retools fare structure

– American Airlines is changing the way it charges you to fly.

American will charge up to $88 more per round trip for passengers who want a basic ticket that includes checking baggage or changing the reservation later on.

Currently the airline levies separate fees for those and other extras for everyone except premium passengers.

It’s calling the new fare levels “Choice,” “Choice Essential” and “Choice Plus.”

American said Wednesday that the options will be sold on its website and through travel agents for flights in the contiguous 48 states.

Rick Elieson, managing director of, said the new pricing structure is a response to customer complaints about fees for changing a reservation.

“This will eliminate the fear about what-ifs,” Elieson said. He said it will encourage customers to compare airlines by quality and reward those, “like American, that invest so much in its product.”

Elieson said that American would still sell a basic fare without protection against add-on fees “for the less-discriminating passenger who is just looking for the cheapest way to get to where they’ve got to go.”

The new fare categories:

•“Choice” tickets will be similar to the current basic economy fare. If a passenger wants to check a bag or change the reservation later, the person will be charged extra.

•“Choice Essential” fares will cost an extra $68 per round trip and include one checked bag, no additional fee for changing the itinerary later, and early boarding.

•“Choice Plus,” an extra $88 per round trip, will include a checked bag, no change fees and early boarding plus bonus miles for frequent-flier purposes, standby privileges, a drink for no additional charges and other perks.


Airline CEO to address pilots’ union
The American Airlines pilots’ union says company CEO Thomas Horton will speak today to the group’s directors, who favor a merger with US Airways.
Keith Wilson, president of the Allied Pilots Association, said Horton is scheduled to talk about the airline’s bankruptcy restructuring “and his view of the future.”
American’s three unions favor a merger that would turn over management of the company to US Airways executives. Horton hasn’t ruled out a merger but has hinted that he might favor American emerging from bankruptcy protection on its own.
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