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Mailing about property deeds is a scam

Statement as issued Monday by the Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller:

News reports and consumer calls confirm that the “Property Deed Scam” is still hitting home with Hoosiers.

The mailing is often from a private company, with a government-like name, offering certified copies of your land deed for an excessive fee – up to $87. Property deeds are public records and your county recorder can provide you a copy for free or at a nominal cost, often times a $1 per page.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller said that while the property deed service is not necessarily illegal, the solicitation can often mislead consumers into believing they need a copy. Homeowners are not required to have copies even when they sell a property.

Zoeller asks consumers to disregard the mailings and help warn family and friends – especially senior citizens. If you have any doubts about a mailing offering a government-provided service, contact the entity directly to confirm the solicitation’s legitimacy. If you have paid for this service, but did not receive your deed copy you can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office by visiting or requesting a complaint form be mailed to you by calling 1.800.382.5516.

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