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Budget director named IU Health VP

State Budget Director Adam Horst will become vice president and controller at IU Health in late January when his duties with Gov. Mitch Daniels end.

He sought an advisory opinion from the Indiana Ethics Commission on Thursday to ensure there is no conflict. The board made clear he would have to remove himself from any issues involving IU Health until the end of his state service.

Last month, Horst said he abstained on a vote with the State Budget Committee, of which he is a member, involving an IU neurosciences building.

The commission did not find his one-time involvement on a four-person board approving a new federal plan amendment for a hospital assessment fee to be a matter he must avoid in his new job. That’s because he had no personal role in negotiating the fee. Instead, he was just helping to implement a law passed by the legislature that affected all Indiana hospitals.

Horst is joining another former head of the Indiana Office of Management and Budget at IU Health. Ryan Kitchell left state government in 2010 to be treasurer. Kitchell is now chief financial officer.

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