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Suddenly, 90 feels bearable

Sunday mercifully ends 4 days of 100 degrees

– Last week’s scorching temperatures kept Larry Osborne off the bike trails.

“The heat kind of makes you lose your motivation to get outside and exercise,” the 50-year-old said.

On Sunday, though, some relatively cool, less-than-100-degree weather drew Osborne and his bike to the Rivergreenway. The high for the day was 90, five degrees above normal, according to the National Weather Service.

That’s still pretty hot, right?

“Yeah, but it’s bearable,” said Osborne, wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

On Saturday, the high reached 103, breaking the record for the day and capping a string of four consecutive days over 100, a first for Fort Wayne.

“I walked outside (Saturday) to get my mail and just going from my door to my mailbox, which is maybe 7, 8 feet and coming back, I had sweat pouring off me,” Osborne said.

The coming days should bring a slower flow of perspiration.

Through the middle of this week, the highs are expected to be in the mid-80s. After that, the temperatures will rise into the low 90s and remain there into the weekend, said Evan Bentley, a weather service meteorologist in Syracuse.

Absent from the seven-day forecast is rain.

“None whatsoever, unfortunately, because everyone needs it,” Bentley said.

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