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The rich are different from you and me

Life isn't fair. If it were, it would be the CEOs who walk away penniless from the companies they ruin, not the people who pour their lives into said companies.

So maybe it's just the way of the world that Frank McCourt, who tried mightily to singlehandedly destroy one of the proudest franchises in baseball, sold the Dodgers to an ownership group including Magic Johnson for more than twice what he paid for them.

The $2.1 billion Magic and Co. paid is almost twice what any professional sports franchise in the U.S. has ever gone for, and seriously calls into question just how much business acumen the new owners have. Most analysts think they grossly overpaid.

If so, it'll be the little guy who pays in the long run, in the form of higher ticket prices, concession prices, all kinds of prices. You pay $2.1 billion for a property, you're gonna have to make it up out of somebody's pockets.

And we all whose pockets it won't be.

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