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Stun gun suspect Tasered at capture

– A robbery suspect who police said used a stun gun to evade Kroger security last week got a taste of his own medicine when the law caught up to him.

Billye D. Gaulden, 36, of the 4400 block of Hanna Street, is accused of using a stun gun after trying to steal deodorant, soap, hair gel and feminine hygiene products by placing them into a backpack at the Kroger at 218 E. Pettit Ave. on Feb. 16, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Gaulden told a Kroger employee who tried to stop him “You can’t touch me!” before using a stun gun on the side of the man’s face and fleeing the store, court records said.

Police caught up with Gaulden on Monday in the 900 block of McKinnie Avenue in an alley between Spatz Avenue and South Park Drive, but he took off. An officer chased Gaulden and tackled him before ordering him to put his hands behind his back, the affidavit said.

Gaulden then elbowed the officer in the chest and got to his feet. The officer, who was about 7 feet away, pulled his Taser stun gun and ordered Gaulden to the ground or the officer would use the stun gun. Gaulden did not comply and the officer shot Gaulden with his Taser, but did not incapacitate him, court records said.

The officer then tackled Gaulden again and when he wouldn’t put his hands behind his back, the officer punched Gaulden on the right side of his face. The officer said the punch produced “the desired response” and Gaulden was handcuffed, records said.

He was charged with robbery, unlawful use of a stun gun and two counts of resisting law enforcement. His bail was set at $20,000, but he was sentenced to 60 days in jail on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated misdemeanor, an Allen County Jail confinement officer said.

Police are looking for a woman who was with Gaulden during the robbery, said officer Raquel Foster, police spokeswoman.

Foster said handgun provisions apply to carrying Tasers, meaning a person carrying a Taser in public must have a permit, but she said it’s legal to carry a stun gun.

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